La Dolce Vita in Tuscany

Dive into the pool, sip a glass of Chianti, watch the sun set over the Mediterranean, take a stroll through the garden under a canopy of stars...

Fall in love with Tuscany's own Dolce Vita at Villa Mussio, where historic charm and luxury indulgence combine!

Villa Mussio - by night

19th Century Italy

The villa was designed and built by the architect Cesare Spighi under commission by Luigi Mussio at the beginning of the 1800's, and was the residence for many years of Carlo Guarnieri, a well-known painter and woodcut artist, who depicted the villa in many of his works.

Art and beauty are perfectly blended in the architecture of Villa Mussio, making it a breathtaking backdrop for any holiday.

From the villa, views stretch across the Val di Cornia from Suvereto to Piombino, with the Tyrrhenian Sea and the islands of Elba, Corsica, and Montecristo on the horizon.

Villa Mussio - living room with fireplace

Relaxation, Italian-Style

Elegant living rooms, a study with a billiard table, and a tv room with a wide-screen tv: the common spaces in Villa Mussio are designed to offer all the comforts you need to be able to relax during your stay.

If you want to enjoy the Tuscan countryside, you can unwind on the grounds and spend a leisurely afternoon on the sundeck or take a dip in the pool with your personal playlist on the audio system.

Sample the best Tuscan cuisine with specialties prepared by the villa's own chef, who is available for private dinners or celebratory banquets.

Luxury amenities

Included in the price:

Nearby daytrips

Tuscany is a world capital of history, art, and beautiful countryside. From Villa Mussio, you can take easy day trips to explore some of the most famous cities in the region, including Pisa, Siena, and Elba Island, which you can reach from the port city of Piombino just 30 minutes from the villa.

Our staff can assist you in arranging cultural or gourmet tours, personalized just for you!

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